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What do you mean by CashBack?

At Teamwork Realty, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a rewarding experience with value and benefits when it comes to buying or selling real estate. Our Fair Pricing model and streamlined efficiencies will market and sell your home for 1% (buyers agent fee is negotiable).


But we don't stop there - we go one step further by rebating 1% of the purchase price after closing on your new home purchase. That's right, you'll receive 1% CashBack that you can use any way you wish.


We believe that everyone deserves to benefit from their real estate transaction, creating a win-win and our CashBack offer is just one of the many ways we strive to make that happen.


We prove our value to you by working with our automated Full Service Real Estate Team.


"My business success is measured by the amount of money returned to my clients."

Teamwork's Price Comparison

A stressed couple contemplates selling their home on their own.

Sell it yourself

$600,000 Listing Price

-$30,000 (5%) Broker Fee

Seller Proceeds


A Teamork Realty realtor with a deal

Teamwork Fair Pricing

$600,000 Listing Price

-$21,000 (3.5%) Broker Fee

Seller Proceeds


The CashBack Guy is ready to get you a deal on your home purchase.

The CashBack Realtor

$600,000 Listing Price

+$6,000 CashBack

Actual Purchase Price


Meet the CashBack Realtor!

Hello, I'm Dan, The CashBack Realtor, 30 + years as a Colorado Realtor and I believe in FairPricing!


What is CashBack Anyhow?...a portion of the money the buyer has already paid into the transaction.


I Share my commission with Homebuyers and Rebate 1% of the purchase price after closing.


"In Colorado all Fees are Negotiable" new technology, automation and Streamlined Efficiencies have lowered my business cost Dramatically, giving you the benefit of a 1% listing fee and value in using the CashBack program.


Whether you're a seasoned homeowner or a 1st time buyer, I'm here to help you maximize your investment and achieve your goals.


So, if having extra cash may help for those unforeseen moving costs, ask The CashBack Realtor.

Meet Dan Counter, The CashBack Guy a Licensed Colorado Realtor

Meet Dan Counter, "The CashBack Guy" who formed Teamwork Realty to

foster his vision of creating 'A History of Helping People.'

Get a CashBack rebate in Colorado on your New Home purchase with The CashBack Guy

Find the home that you love and have The Colorado CashBack Realtor help make the deal. Whether its a new home or you're buying your first. Think of the ways you can spend your CashBack on your home purchase.

The couple is selling their home with the CashBack Guy and taking advantage of Fair Pricing.

If you are selling your home take advantage of our Fair Pricing program and sell your home for 1% with our full service team and get 1% CashBack when buying.

Couple enjoying their new home and a CashBack Rebate on their home purchase from the CashBack Guy
This couple just bought their home, how will they use the thousands in cash back from their home purchase?
Lets have a meeting, a sitdown to discuss cash back rebates on home purchases.
Are you ready to buy a home?

The CashBack Realtor will pay you a 1% CASH rebate of the purchase price AFTER closing. These services are offered to all Colorado home buyers.

Are you Selling a home?

Fair Pricing will sell your home for 1% (which includes buyer agency fee). Our automation and streamlined efficiencies not only saves us money, but saves yours too. We are a licensed Colorado Realtor.

Call and Chat with The CashBack Realtor.

We're ready to help you in your home buying journey. If you aren't approved for a loan yet, no worries we can help. Ask us about getting deals on buying new homes!


"Dan goes above and beyond for his clients. He is a true professional. He shares his years of knowledge and wisdom to guide clients to help make good decisions in the home buying process. This guidance saved me a lot of money too."

  • Tracy P.

The CashBack Guy -  CashBack Logo, Colorado Realtors

The CashBack Realtor

Metro Brokers
Teamwork Realty, Inc

South Denver Office

9200 E Mineral Ave #100
Centennial, CO 80112

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